Box Kraft Rectangular

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Box Kraft Rectangular


A 2mm- 3mm thick kraft paper box. Available in 10 different sizes: listed below is a table with box dimension and the suitable fabric wrap sizes in case you want to wrap your box.

SizeDimensionsSuitable Fabric wrap size
Sml1 18W x9D x 3H cm Pocket 45 
Sml2 20Wx11D x 4H cm Small 60 
Sml3 22W x 13D x 5H cm Small 60  
Sml4 24W x 15D x 6H cm Small 60 and Medium 75 
Med1 26W x 17D x 7H cm Medium 75 
Med2 28W x 19D x 8H cm Medium 75 
Med3 31W x 21D x 9H cm Medium 75 and Large 95
Lrg1 34W x23D x 10H cm Large 95
Lrg2 37W x 25D x 11H cm Large95 and Grande 120
Lrg3 40W x 27D x 12H cm Large 95 and Grande 120 
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