Hag Ellaila Candy Slider - Blue

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Hag Ellaila Candy Slider - Blue


A perfect packaged gift for 'Hag Ellaila' (حق الليلة) to children and adults alike.

This candy-filled Neon Blue acrylic & wood candy slider is wrapped with a fun colorful tasseled ribbon and a beautiful minimal tag that is attached in complementing colors to signify the occasion.

The candy & nuts include a selection of nostalgic items that were found in Emirati neighborhood grocery stores in the 80s & 90s (please see photo for ingredients)

*nuts included are Walnuts and Almonds. Please email us on info@maskawraps.com with your order number if you'd like to have these removed.


(for corporate orders & corporate rates, please contact us on orders@maskawraps.com)


Dimensions :   16x9x8  cm


'Hag Ellaila' is a traditional Emirati celebration on the night before the mid of Shabaan (the 8th month of the Islamic Hijri calendar) where children visit neighbours chanting folk songs and collecting candy. Other GCC counties also celebrate it under different names such as 'Gergaian' or "Garangaoo" & some celebrate it in the mid of the holy month of Ramadan (the 9th month of the Islamic Hijri calendar).


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